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In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we offer installation services for all products offered by us.

You will not have to wonder how to mount the gate or wicket, our team of specialists will do it for you. We act quickly and reliably.


Wrought iron fences

Top-class forged and modern fences made with attention to the smallest detail

Panel fences

Panel fences bended 3D and double-wire 2D

Gates and wickets

The offer includes sliding gates, double-leaf gates and wickets. Filling in accordance with the entire fence

Balcony and stair railings

Custom made, perfectly composed balcony and staircase railings

Additional accessories

For the whole fence we propose among others:

- Prefabricated foundation

- Gate drive

- Letterbox

Powder coating plant

All fences produced by us are painted with electrostatic method in a modern lacquering line.

Registration Data:

Szafran Zaune aus Polen Sylwia Szafran

Klonowa 1 Str

66-620 Gubin

VAT ID: 743-19-71-781

REGON: 365945686

Production plant:

Kresowa 84 str, 66-620 Gubin

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